Swords have always been fascinating – the magnificence of the structure, the sturdy design and the fact that a mighty warrior once held it- are things which leave us mesmerized and in awe of these swords. Which are those swords, which have been left behind by warriors and the world still admires? Let’s take you through a tour:

The Seven-branched sword:

This sword is probably the luckiest in the world, having not faced even a single war or seen witnessed bloodshed at close quarters. This sword was and will forever be a ceremonial sword, one that was gifted by King Baekje to King of Wa, who was the then ruler of Japan. The design of this sword, with seven structures branching out of it clearly states that it is not to be meant for combat purposes and would rather be preserved as a ceremonial piece.


This sword has probably acquired the fame it has now owing to the man who once held the sword – he was none other than emperor Charlemagne the Great, who was undoubtedly one of the best warriors of all time. And no, the fame of the sword is not restricted only to the fact that Charlemagne was it’s owner – the design of this carefully crafted weapon is what has gained the interest of many across the world. It held a position of honor and was used in countless coronation ceremonies in the years that would follow.

The cursed Muramasa Samurai swords:

The creator of these swords, Muramasa Sengo, was a man blessed with great skill and one vice – uncontrollable rage. It is said that his temper and the consequent violence was something that would get passed onto the swords he so passionately and skilfully crafted. So much so, that the one who held a sword made Muramasa would immediately be possessed by an unexplainable rage, making them violent warriors with no mercy. Despite the violent history attached to these swords, the fact that they were meticulously crafted cannot be denied, which is why they are still preserved in Japan.

The Goujian Sword:

Also known as the time-defying sword from China, this sword created quite a furore among archaeologists, who were stunned by the fact that this sword, despite being 2000 years old, hadn’t rusted even a bit! Probably the metallic composition of this sword was such that despite the extended period for which it was left undiscovered in a tomb, the sword didn’t lose its shine, shimmer, and sharpness. This sword is considered and preserved as a national treasure and is believed to have been owned by the Emperor Goujian of Yue.


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