There is no doubt that human beings have always developed and tented to achieve more and more. Partly it is because of the need; partly it is the concurrence. Anyway, it is a natural tendency! Some philosophers affirm that all what people have done to improve their life or to discover something was because of their laziness! I think that all what humankind achieves sooner or later leads to self destruction; it simply turns against us!

Need of Weapons
Let’s take for example the weapons. Initially they appeared as necessity to protect against wild animals. Later the weapons developed to offer protection against offensive fellow men. Then, came the period when people fought for lands. Great wars generated new ideas of fighting devices, tactics, strategies, etc. This is the stage when weapons became not only defensive means but also offensive.

Weapons’ Revolution
Still, the greater revolution in weapon creation was the discovery of powder and invention of the machined weapons. The major purpose in creating a machined weapon was to make it kill more people with each new performance. It was a period of passage from cold steel arms to a higher performance, with the ability to kill even more people. This is the period when weapons, especially blades, became not only fighting means but also objects of rituals, culture, honor, etc. In other words it became a halidom and a relic.

Heirs of Destruction Means
Today we already come to the point when Great Powers of the World spent up to 1/3 of the budget for military purposes. Today, we ‘fight’ for peace (no matter how ridiculous it might sound) and against weapons of any kind. Still, we improve weaponry and we admire old pistols, swords, armor, etc. And all this comes to evidence, that WE ARE A CONTROVERSY SPECIE!

Dilemma – which weapons are better: blades or guns? 
This is not actually the question to be asked. What indeed should be asked is: better for what? Firstly, there are no ‘better’ or ‘best’ weapons. Each has its designation and meaning. Secondly, if we talk about self-defense, than it is believed that cold steel weapons like knives act batter than a gun, in case you are attacked.

a. It is unexpected and can be easily hidden in your pocket or bag.
b. In case a woman is attacked, then a knife can scare the attacker more than a gun. It was proved by psychologists that men (if the attacker is a man) have a greater fear of knives than women (who are used to them in the kitchen).

Final Considerations
I’m one of those who admire and adore cold steel arms. When I look at a sword I see a masterpiece, a warfare art piece! Again, when I see an old pistol, bayonet, etc. I see something beautiful and I shiver at the thought how people misuse noble pieces like these ones for dirty purposes.

Remember one thing! It is not the weapon (gun or blade) which hurts and kills people. It is man himself who hurts fellows of his kind.


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