If swords fascinate you as much as they fascinate us, this post is for you! Sword auctions over the period have been remarkable – the value that the swords fetch being unexpectedly surprising. Which are those swords which went down in history as the most expensive swords ever sold at auctions? Read on to know more about these prized possessions:

The 18th century Boateng Saber:
$7.7 Million

This sword is the most expensive sword to be ever sold at an auction — the rest not even near it in any way. Created during the Qianlong rule, this sword belonging to the 18th century has all the fitting characteristics to make this sword the most prized possession in sword world – The curvy S-shaped black design, that’s aptly supported by the jade handle, and the inclusion of gold silver and copper in the blade are what make this the highest grade sword. Not only is the price of this sword whopping, but the amount of money that’s spent to maintain it too is also quite huge.

Napolean Bonaparte’s Sword:
$6.5 million

Belonging to one of the most decorated warriors, whose name went down in history, this sword fetched what it indeed deserved. We cannot imagine Napolean Bonaparte without his favorite sword, especially one that is so meticulously and intricately crafted. It had to be befitting to the warrior who was going to hold it, hence the hand-crafted effort behind this masterpiece. The best part – Napolean had actually used this sword in one of the noted battles during his reign!

The Nasrid period ear-dagger:
$6 million

Tracing its origins back to the 15th century, the unique design of this sword is what has made it so expensive. The structure of this sword is not something one would commonly come across – at the handle; it has flattened discs which are placed opposite to each other – just like a pair of human ears! That’s precisely why it is known as an ‘ear-dagger.’ The gold and black intricate design of this sword makes it strikingly appealing to the eye too!

Shah Jahan’s Dagger:
: $3.3 Million

Wondering how and why this tiny weapon fetched a whopping $3.3 million? Well, hold it in hand once, and you’ll know! The precision with which this dagger was created is just stunning, giving it a superb edge and balance. Not only this, the design of this deadly weapon is so intricate that it will leave one wondering whether it was created for the purpose of merely using it as a ceremonial, decorative piece!


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